[foofus-tools] enabling ssh module in medusa 1.5

Kenneth van Rijsbergen kennethvanrijsbergen at live.nl
Fri Jul 10 15:28:28 PDT 2009

im having a little problem enabling the ssh module in medusa 1.5

First i installed medusa with install make ./configure etc and medusa was working. Then i did ./configure –enable-module-SSH and the output tells me SSH is enabled. But when i dump all modules (-d) ssh.mod isnt there in the list. I get this after executing a command:

root at ubuntu:~# user at ubuntu:~$ medusa -h -u root -P /home/user/Desktop/passwords2 -b -n 22 -M ssh
-bash: user at ubuntu:~$: command not found
root at ubuntu:~# IMPORTANT: Couldn't load "ssh" [/usr/local/lib/medusa/modules/ssh.mod: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory]. Place the module in the medusa directory, set the MEDUSA_MODULE_NAME environment variable or run the configure script again using --with-default-mod-path=[path].
> invokeModule failed - see previous errors for an explanation
> user at ubuntu:~$ 

I looked into the modules folder and indeed ssh.mod isn't there. I also tried ./configure –enable-untested, ./configure –with-default-mod-path=[path], again with the same results.

I'm very stuck, can someone tell me what im doing wrong here? I would really appreciate any help.
- Kenneth
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