[foofus-tools] pwdump

Keith Morrell keith.morrell at optusnet.com.au
Sat May 22 15:52:13 PDT 2010

Update:  I've tried the suggestions from others in the forum and they don't
seem to make a huge difference....but the one remaining issue is still

On my ~3,500k AD, the program seems to die about 2.2M records through (2676
dots), using a very rough estimate of the number of dots displayed on the
screen/time run (from this bit of code in pwdump.cpp) - comparing this to my
~700k which displayed 851 dots...

else if(i % 100 == 99)
    fprintf(stderr, ".");

So it seems it must be running out of time or space somewhere...

When it stops, the {GUID} service is still left running.

I can compile it all up now to make any other changes others might suggest.
What would be good is a trace output maybe in LsaExt.c, or even some way of
breaking the process up so that the extract (absolute minimum needed) is
done to a "raw" intermediate file, and the final conversion/formatting done
with another module??

Thanks in advance for any more help...


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