[foofus-tools] pwdump6

Teh Fizzgig fizzgig at foofus.net
Fri May 21 08:08:38 PDT 2010

On 05/19/10 19:42, JC Ferguson wrote:
> There is one poor design choice made, the way I see it.  If you look at lsaext.c, it appears to do this, for EACH user:

Totally agreed - the pipe stuff was the bane of my existence. Basically,
I ran into situations where the pipe would close unexpectedly, be tied
up, or some other goofiness. The way in which it works now fixes all
that, at the price of speed as you point out.

On the plus side, I just finished the new pwdump (I'll call it 3.0
alpha) code, and am in the process of testing it. It eliminates all the
DLL injection, named pipe and other funkiness that we've had to content
with for years, and only requires admin privileges and remote reg (which
pwdump needs already anyway). This should be a major setp up for folks
with huge ADs. I will post to the list as soon as I've got it tested to
the point I am comfortable. Right now, I still want to make sure I don't
render my target system unbootable. :)


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