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JC Ferguson jc at F5.com
Sun May 23 17:47:24 PDT 2010

I cannot recall - is pwdump caching the results locally? I seem to recall some versions doing that.  I.e., it builds up all the data in memory, then dumps to a file.  If that is the case, I can see some scale issues with 3.5 million entries in your AD, i.e., you'd eat up the memory.

When it is chugging along, have you run taskmgr, sort by memory usage, and observed who the hogs were?


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> Update:  I've tried the suggestions from others in the forum and they don't
> seem to make a huge difference....but the one remaining issue is still
> happening.
> On my ~3,500k AD, the program seems to die about 2.2M records through (2676
> dots), using a very rough estimate of the number of dots displayed on the
> screen/time run (from this bit of code in pwdump.cpp) - comparing this to my
> ~700k which displayed 851 dots...
> else if(i % 100 == 99)
>     fprintf(stderr, ".");
> So it seems it must be running out of time or space somewhere...
> When it stops, the {GUID} service is still left running.
> I can compile it all up now to make any other changes others might suggest.
> What would be good is a trace output maybe in LsaExt.c, or even some way of
> breaking the process up so that the extract (absolute minimum needed) is
> done to a "raw" intermediate file, and the final conversion/formatting done
> with another module??
> Thanks in advance for any more help...
> Keith
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