[foofus-tools] The Medusa-GUI's Download Stat's

tak shacks tak.31337 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 18:44:55 PDT 2011

The latest release of the Medusa-GUI (1.2.17) has been downloaded 60 times
and is being downloaded a minimum of once a day.
The Medusa-GUI's wiki page has been visited 64 times, with 32 referrals from

Medusa-GUI (1.0.11) was downloaded 7 times, the last of which was 10 days
ago because I stupidly forgot to update the download link on the wiki for
some time and this version was mostly broken.
Luckily it looks like the project is picking back up in terms of getting a
user base.


http://www.taksmind.org/ <http://www.tak11.info/>
irc.esper.net <http://irc.hackthissite.org>         - tak
irc.freenode.com   - tak11
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