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Al Berg aberg at liquidnet.com
Mon Mar 21 11:29:34 PDT 2011

Hi there -

I am trying to run fgdump on a Windows 2003 server and am having a problem... everything looks good until the error message noted in bold below and I get no output - I have run this on other systems without a hitch.  Any ideas as to where I should be looking?


fgDump 2.1.0 - fizzgig and the mighty group at foofus.net
Written to make j0m0kun's life just a bit easier
Copyright(C) 2008 fizzgig and foofus.net
fgdump comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!
This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; see the COPYING and README files for
more information.

--- Session ID: 2011-03-02-14-10-27 ---
Starting dump on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

** Beginning dump on server xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx **
INFO: skipping dump of protected storage secrets on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx because xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx lsadump exists or I was told to skip LSA dumps
OS (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx): Microsoft Windows 2003 Unknown Service Pack 1 (Build 3790)
Symantec is installed on this box, but not currently running. Leaving the service alone but proceeding with pwdump and cachedump
Found share C$, whose physical path is C:\
Found share OCSR2_Backup, whose physical path is E:\OCSR2_Backup
Warning: pwdump did not complete in a timely manner - exiting
Cache dumped successfully


Failed servers:

Successful servers:

Total failed: 0
Total successful: 1

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