[foofus-tools] Failed dump continued...

Al Berg aberg at liquidnet.com
Mon Mar 28 11:59:22 PDT 2011

Here is the log file from the failed fgdump session we have been discussing on the list recently, now with 100% more verbosity added.
The AD that I am trying to dump has about 500 user accounts.
Any insight would be appreciated.


--- fgdump session started on 3/25/2011 at 15:07:57 ---
--- Command line used: fgdump.exe  -h -u xxxx -p xxxx -v -v -v ---
--- Session ID: 2011-03-25-19-07-57 ---

>> A new worker thread has been created with the ID: 00000e14 <<
Starting dump on

** Beginning dump on server **
INFO: skipping cachedump on because exists or I was told to skip cache dumps
INFO: skipping dump of protected storage secrets on because exists or I was told to skip LSA dumps
OS ( Microsoft Windows 2003 Unknown Service Pack 1 (Build 3790)
Symantec is running on this machine, shutting it down for a bit...
Stopped Symantec service "Symantec AntiVirus" successfully
Found share C$, whose physical path is C:\
Found share OCS_Backup, whose physical path is E:\OCS_Backup
Found share CN_DHCP_Backup, whose physical path is E:\CN_DHCP_Backup
Found share CertEnroll, whose physical path is C:\WINNT\system32\certsrv\CertEnroll
Found share IPC$, whose physical path is
Found share FxsSrvCp$, whose physical path is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\Common Coverpages
Found share ADMIN$, whose physical path is C:\WINNT
Found share faxclient, whose physical path is C:\WINNT\system32\clients\faxclient
Found share D$, whose physical path is E:\
Found share DHCP_Backup, whose physical path is E:\DHCP_Backup
Found share E$, whose physical path is E:\
Found share SYSVOL, whose physical path is E:\WINNT\SYSVOL\sysvol
Found share NETLOGON, whose physical path is E:\WINNT\SYSVOL\sysvol\itg\SCRIPTS
Found share OCSR2_Backup, whose physical path is E:\OCSR2_Backup
Able to write to this directory, using location \\\C$<file:///\\\C$> for cachedump
Execution path of fgexec is C:\\fgexec.exe -s -n {4D9B504D-C135-4C9F-9503-0A1956E375FB}
Successfully installed service 'fgexec' on
Successfully started fgexec service on
Warning: pwdump did not complete in a timely manner - exitingSuccessfully stopped fgexec service on
Successfully uninstalled service 'fgexec' on
Started Symantec service "Symantec AntiVirus" successfully
Terminating thread 00000e14 (lpszServer is NULL)


Failed servers:

Successful servers:

Total failed: 0
Total successful: 1

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