[foofus-tools] Medusa 2.1 Release

jmk jmk at foofus.net
Mon Apr 2 14:15:15 PDT 2012

Fellow Pen-Testers:

Medusa 2.1 is now available for public download.

This release does not introduce any major changes to the core of the
application. However, it does include two years worth of bug-fixes
throughout the code base and numerous incremental improvements.

What is Medusa? Medusa is a speedy, massively parallel, modular, login
brute-forcer for network services created by the geeks at Foofus.net. It
currently has modules for the following services: AFP, CVS, FTP, HTTP,
IMAP, MS-SQL, MySQL, NCP (NetWare), NNTP, PcAnywhere, POP3, PostgreSQL,
rexec, rlogin, rsh, SMB, SMTP (AUTH/VRFY), SNMP, SSHv2, SVN, Telnet,
VmAuthd, VNC. It also includes a basic web form module and a generic
wrapper module for external scripts.

While Medusa was designed to serve the same purpose as THC-Hydra, there
are several significant differences. For a brief comparison, see:


Medusa was developed on Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD. Some limited testing
has been done on other platforms/distributions (OpenBSD, Debian, Ubuntu,
Mac OS X, Solaris). If people wish to contribute patches to fix
portability issues, I'd be happy to accept them. There are probably lots
of bugs which have yet to surface. Please let me know if you encounter
issues, fix a bug or just find the application useful.

In order to better facilitate support for our applications (Medusa,
Praeda, PwDump6/FgDump, etc.), we've setup an open mailing list. Please
feel free to join and post questions regarding issues or general use of
these tools.



jmk <jmk at foofus.net>
Foofus Networks

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